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A Brief Introduction of Chinese-British bachelor degree programme in Automotive Engineering

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Name of the Program:

The Chinese-foreign bachelor degree programme in automotive engineering between Hubei University of Automotive Technology, P.R. CHINA, and University of Bolton, UK

Registration No. of the Ministry of Education:MOE42UK2A20141682N

Admission Conditions

The program is incorporated into HUAT’ enrollment plan for candidates who are qualified for applying for universities of second class

Valid period:2014—2019

The Number of enrollmentat most 100 students per year


This specialty is designed to cultivate internationalized senior engineering and technical personnel who master the basic theory of automobile’s design and manufacture; possess the preliminary design ability of automobile products and receive the basic training for automotive engineer; have solid foundation and good adaptability.

Brief introduction to University of Bolton

University of Bolton is a comprehensive university in the world; it located in the suburb of the British economic and cultural center of the city of Manchester with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree program. Its predecessor, mechanical technology training college was founded in 1824, is one of Britain’s first three Engineering Colleges. University of Bolton got its name in 2005. There are four colleges and three research centers which cover a wide range of programs such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctor’s degrees with more than thirteen thousand students, some of whom come from more than 70 foreign countries and regions.

The college of Engineering of UoB is the first and also the only one college with professional racing team RLR MSport assigned to the school. The RLR MSport team takes part in the 24-hour endurance race and F1 race in Le Mans in France each year. UoB and RLR MSport jointly set up a Mini F1, which provides a unique platform for high performance automotive engineering teaching.Its partners also include Supercars Keating, which specializes in creating the super sports car in UK and British racing car company Ginetta.

The employment rate of the College of engineering has been in the forefront of British Universities. And its graduates are mostly work for the world top automobile enterprises, such as Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi and Cosworth and so on.

Diploma and certificate

The training plan and teaching Schedule of the programme are jointly developed by the cooperative partners. The learning period is 4 years. Graduates can obtain a graduation certificate and a bachelor’s degree of HUAT after finishing all the courses and meeting the requirements.

Students in the fourth year can, if they wish, choose to go to University of Bolton and complete the prescribed courses, and after getting the required credits of University of Bolton, they can obtain bachelor’s degrees from both HUAT and University of Bolton.

Teaching implementation

teaching language:Chinese teachers in both Chinese and English and foreign teachers in English at HUAT

The courses and professional core courses offered by University of Bolton account for more than 1/3 of all the courses and the core curriculum courses.