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International Cooperation &Exchange Office

Foreign Affairs Office is mainly responsible for the foreign affairs related works of HUAT. As a communication platform between HUAT and other countries, it provides support and service for the development of the whole college and the cultivation of faculties. Through multi-channel and multi-level cooperation , including invitation of renowned foreign scholars, sending students and faculties abroad, inter-college cooperation, etc, foreign affairs office intends to mobilize all positive factors to expand the scope and depth of international cooperation. Its main responsibilities include:

1. Learn and implement foreign affairs related guidelines, policies and regulations of People’s Republic of China;

2. Schedule the annual plan, budget, and related rules and regulations of HUAT;

3. Schedule the employment of long and short-term foreign experts, foreign teachers; responsible for the management and evaluation of foreign personnel, relevant funds usage, etc.;

4. Responsible for the applying and approval of faculties attending short-term programs like overseas visits, giving lectures, scientific and technological cooperation, the International Conference, etc.;

5. Extend and organize various kinds of communication and cooperation works between HUAT and foreign universities, research institutions, cultural organizations, the IMF, scholars, professors, etc. Encourage and support all the schools and departments of HUAT to carry out international communications and cooperation;

6. Extend student exchange programs; extend courses and internship programs for foreign students;

7. Reception for visiting foreign guests;

8. Manage foreign related documents; responsible for confidential work of foreign related affairs; responsible for the registration and preservation of gifts from foreign guests;

9. Residence registration and management for foreign teachers and students in conjunction with the security department;

10. Complete other works commissioned by HUAT.

Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office & School of International Education

Zhu Zhanwei

Tel.: 0086-719-8241102

Deputy Director of ICEO

Penn Fang

Tel.: 0086-719-8238444

Foreign Office Manager

Luo Shiqi

Tel.: 0086-719-8207136

Director of International Students Office

Zhang Tingting

Tel.: 0086-719-8241102

Foreign Affairs and Program Students Coordinator

Dong Luyu, Ye Shuqi

Tel.: 0086-719-8241102

International Cooperation and Exchange Office

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