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Outstanding Scholars

Shen Hengfan

Senior professor, pioneer in the field of probability and statistics, renowned scholar, committee of the textbook composition for science major in MOE (Ministry of Education) 

Luo Yongge

Professor, middle-aged expert with remarkable contributions in Hubei Province, first “Shiyan Talent” winner,  winner for National Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology for The Critical Technologies in Energy Conservation of Hybrid City Bus project in 2009  

He Yuping

Distinguished professor, “Chutian Scholar”, doctoral and postdoctoral degree holder in University of Waterloo for mechanical engineering, tenured professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science in University of Ontario Institute Technology (UOIT), expert in the field of vehicle dynamics, and automotive system optimization, winner of Leaders Opportunity Fund granted by Canadian Foundation of Innovation.  

Zhou Haiying

Distinguished professor, “Chutian Scholar”, dual PH.D in LIMOS from Wuhan University and Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand II)national laboratory in France, associate professor in School of Computing from Technology, founder of Doctoral Scientific Fund Project of MOE—study of critical problems in the operating system of WSN. 

Chen Yufeng

Professor, PH.D, “Excellence” grade for the 863 program-- Architecture and Networking Technologies of VANET (Vehicular Ad-hoc network) for Vehicle Safety, 2 invention patents, 1patent for utility models  

Wang Baohua

Professor, PH.D, winner for National Natural Science Foundation Project—Study for energy saving theory and its solution of automotive steer-by- wire system.  

Chen Yurong

Professor, PH.D, winner for National Natural Science Foundation Project—Study of multi-dimension integration testing method of surface structure.   

Luo Min

Professor, winner for National Science Project – Digital device development and appliance for automotive parts industry.  

Wang Min

Associate professor, PH.D, winner for National Natural Science Foundation Project—heat damage and cracking behavior formed in the shaping of heat stamping of high-strength steel.  

Zeng Daxin

PH.D, provincial excellent teacher, distinguished professor for provincial “bicentennial plan” of indigenous innovation program, academic leader for material science and engineering.  

Luo Shijun

Professor, PH.D, national excellent teacher, expert funded by provincial special subsidy, academic leader of optic information science and technology.