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1. Tech Culture Festival  

Tech Culture Festival (TCF), a series of culture activities held in the first semester of a school year, mainly include “challenge cup” business plan competition, students ’extracurricular academic activity, electronic design contest, theoretical mechanics competition, C-language program design competition, CAD design competition, Three-dimensional digital innovation design contest, Information retrieval contest, Higher mathematics contest, mathematical modeling contest, Youth Chorus Competition, ”League Cup” ball games, Campus TV host competition and so on.  

2. Student Community Festival  

Student Community Festival is the largest (38 communities, over 2,000 participants), the longest (lasting one month), the most wide-spread (involving students of all departments) and the most influential activity among students. During the festival, all the communities and the Community Union will carry out a series of colorful and distinctive activities to enrich campus life.  

3. Activities for “Spiritual Culture”  

Every March witness the undergoing of a series of spiritual cultural activities in HUAT. On March 5th , relative propagandas and actions will be undertaken in the process of learning from Lei Feng’s spirit. Besides, under the active work of Student Union, programs like recycling of waste batteries, free computers repairing, English corner, etc, are carried out, which is quite popular among college students.  

4. Campus integrity culture  

1) Speech Contest for Campus integrity culture According to schedule, integrity culture speech contest will be undertaken under the guidance of Student Union. This event aims to promote the idea of being honest and strong about what you believe to be right, to give guidance for college students to from a correct outlook on life, to cultivate the morality of being an honest person.  

2) Poetry Reading Contest for the topic of “Inherit Virtues, being incorruptible” For the purpose of promoting the culture of integrity, delivering positive power to the college students, League of Student Communities undertook the poetry reading contest on March 21st, 2012. The whole competition is welcomed among students with active participation from all departments and schools. It has done great contributions to the development of a harmonious campus culture.  

5. Evening Parties  

1) Evening party for the freshmen Evening party for the freshmen is an annual event in HUAT, which aims to welcome the new comers, enrich the campus life and make preparations for their coming college life. It is co-held by Student Union and League of Student Communities. This activity has received support from leaders of every department and donation from China Mobile Company.  

2) Evening party for graduates Evening party for graduates is an annual event in HUAT held in June every year. It is composed of entertainment programs and award for the scholarship winners. The spectacular performance of the students and faculties are welcomed by all the audiences with screams heard now and then. Usually, at the end of the party, the administrative leaders will express their best wishes, hoping all the graduates will begin another wonderful journey of their lives.  

6. Social Practices for College Students
As an indispensable part of college education, social practices are highly valued by all people in HUAT. With support from the administrative section, the students participate in this program with great enthusiasm and wide range. The subsequent reports for social practices provide a communication platform for everyone involved to learn from each other.  

7. Dramas
The “Sprit” drama community presents a story about one ordinary college student, who tries very hard to make impossible things be possible. The drama gives a wonderful display of every single important stage in college life in the form of dancing, singing and acting.