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Student Organizations and Application Forms

1. Student Union 

With over 20 years’ history, Student Union has become the longest and well- organized student organizations in HUAT. Student Union consists of one Bureau, nine departments, one Secretariat and an art group, namely the ideological department, propaganda department , the discipline department, learning department, department for daily life, department for girls affairs, liaison department, arts and culture section, sports ministry , the secretariat and art group. Under the guidance of leaders in every section, the union provides services for all the teachers and students. Their work aims to create a communication channel between the school authorities and students, and hopes that all students could participate in the various kinds of activities the union held and get improvement during this process.  

2. League of Student Communities 

Under the leadership of CPC branch and Communist Youth League, League of Student Communities (LSC) is an organization composed of six departments, with 40 members from the communities. LSC covers the area of literature and art, physical practice, social science, voluntary service, etc, which involves over 70% enrolled students. Adhering to the principle of "serve the healthy development of student associations, and serve the majority of the students' growth”, LSC gradually enlarge and perfect itself by the way of "self education, self management and self - service". Since its foundation in 2003, LSC tries to integrate the community resources, and has carried out a lot of colorful and interesting activities among students. For instance, the activity of “Good community debate” provides a chance to display the characteristics of different communities; the community cadre training demonstrates new perspective of working; the Community Congress offers a channel for competent leaders to present themselves. All these activities show the contributions of LSC in campus life.  

3. The League of Volunteers 

The league of volunteers consists of the secretariat, news department, the department of the propaganda, the department of social practices, and the department of planning. The groups it forms include “Spring Bud " education service team , the Red Cross Society, psychological association, Recycle station, handicapped person assistance Association, and Association of green messenger, etc. Adhering to the spirit of “dedication, unity , mutual assistance and progress ", volunteers’ league has undertaken various activities in the field of tutoring the children in the rural area, helping the handicapped, caring for the children in the rural area who are left alone, spreading campus culture, advocating public welfare related information, and purifying civilian’s behaviors, etc. All these activities have contributed a lot to those people in need and have earned a good reputation for the league and its members as well as HUAT.