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Athletics & Recreation

1. “Top ten” singers competition   

As one of the traditional cultural activities in HUAT, “Top ten” singers competition can not only enrich the campus cultural life, but also provide a platform for all the participants to challenge and present themselves. It can also stimulate students to constantly cultivate their potentials and improve their own comprehensive abilities. For further detail, please refer to website

2. Campus Host Contest   

As one of the indispensable parts of cultural activities in HUAT, campus host contest, held by League of Students Communities and Student Union, plays an active role in enriching campus life, providing stage for contestants to present and improve themselves. This activity is quite popular among students with numerous participants every year.   

3. Sports Game   

Basketball Tournament, co-held by the communist youth league and Student Union, attracts a lot of attention from all the students. Under the support from all departments and schools, all the participants and the cheer teams try their best to win the champion. This event enriches campus life, cultivate team spirit of all students.   

“Football Tournament among colleges in Shiyan”, hosted by Shiyan Football Association, attracts four teams in Shiyan city from HUAT (Hubei University of Automotive Technology), HBMU (Hubei University of Medicine), YYTC (Yunyang Teachers’ College), and SYZY (Shiyan Polytechnic). The HUAT representative won the championship both in teachers’ group and students’ group. Other awards HUAT received include: best player reward by Zhangfei (student from School of Electric and Information Engineering), best coach reward by Sunyu (teacher from PE department) and best team reward. For further detail, please visit our website   

4. Contest organized by student communities.   

1) Ballroom Dance Training   

As a traditional program, ballroom dance training is designed to offer a chance for dancing lovers to practice and improve themselves. Under the joint efforts of instructors and organizer, this program has attracted more and more participants.   

2) Volleyball Tournament   

It begins on November every year. Co-founded by League of Student Communities and Volleyball Association, the volleyball tournament aims to strengthen the communication between various communities, and to enrich campus life. Normally, there are 8 contestants on each side during the competition.   

3) Poster design contest   

In order to demonstrate the characteristic of different communities and display various parts of college life, poster design contest, initiated in November every year, is organized by propaganda department of League of Student Communities. Last year, countless outstanding works were created by members from nearly 40 communities.   

4) Top Ten News   

Initiated from November to December, top ten news composition was held by the news department of League of Student Communities. Its purpose was to improve news writing skills of community members. The winners would receive honor and reward from the host.   

5) Moot Court   

After long time preparations, moot court was set up on November 28th, 2010 in room 3101 by Law Association in HUAT. Since its foundation, moot court has attracted a lot of people’s attention. The aim is to broaden students’ horizon on law and strengthen their sense of regulations.