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Freescale Intelligent Vehicle Competition for College Students

Date:2014-08-11    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

Intelligent vehicleracing is one of the scientific innovative contests advocated by MOE (Ministryof Education).  

Designed and speculated by the contest secretariat, intelligent vehicle  

(IV) competition includes theoretical design, actual production, testing andracing as well as other processes. It requires the students to work as a groupand to experience the whole process of a research program from design tomanufacturing. Considering the rapid development of automotive electronics,this contest is a competition for comprehensive knowledge of a series of areas,covering automatic control, pattern recognition, sensor technology,electronics, electrics, computer, mechanical and automotive, etc. It is ascientific game, funny and interesting for all the participants and spectators.With transparent rules and objective evaluation criteria, IV competitionadheres to the principle of open, fair and just, hoping to develop healthilyand continuously with more and more participants.  

The students in HUAT participated in IV competition for many times and havereceived lots of honors, including 12 national first prizes, 3 national secondprizes and several regional awards.