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FSAE Team of HUAT- The first prize winner of FSC (formula student china) in 2012

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The FSAE racing team of HUAT was established in March 17th, 2011. It iscomposed of eight departments: the Management Department, Marketing Department,Testing Department, Department of Finished Vehicle, Department of Body,Department of Engine, Department of Chassis, and Department of ElectronicAppliances. Under the guidance of professional instructors, outstandingparticipants and financial support from DFM company (the general counsel), FASEhas won the FSC (formula student china)prize for twice in 2011 and 2012. 


Racing On Speedway with DFM 

To Cultivate Talents for Future 


National First Prize (Champion) FSC in 2012 

National ThirdPrize FSC in 2011 

Event Photos

Students DIY —Car- Body draft and modeling 

Students DIY —Car-Structure design 

National First Prize Winner for FSC in 2012 

Representative of China to join the F1 contest in Germany in 2013