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The Documents of Application for HUAT International Students Admission

Date:2023-11-01    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

1.Copy of Passport with validity of 12 months and above

Full information page of passport,with four corners complete.

Half page is NOT ACCEPTED!

2.Copy of Colored Photo

Screenshot of passport photo or life photo is NOT ACCEPTED!

3.Original Coloured Diploma, Degree Certificate and Transcript

Provisional Certificate is NOT ACCEPTED!

Results Checklist is NOT ACCEPTED!

Notary/Attested Version is NOT ACCEPTED!

Translation Version is NOT ACCEPTED!

Pre-Graduation Certificate is NOT ACCEPTED!

4.Application form:


Work experience must provided after education and cover the period before application for admission.

Will be rejected if employment record is missing.

5.Photo or Xerox Copy Printed Bank Statement under students or parents name (ONLY) with official stamp or signature

Electronic bank statement is NOT ACCEPTED!

Bank Solvency is NOT ACCEPTED!

6.Physical Examination Report with validity of 6 months

Must with official stamp and doctors signature

7.Police Clearance with validity of 6 months

Must with official stamp and signature

8.Recommendation Letter(Master Degree Application)

For master application only.

9.Residents permit page or receipt is needed if applicants within China!