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Notice on“My Beautiful Encounter with China” Essay/Short-Video Competition for International Students in China and Students in Overseas Colleges of Chinese Studies

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Do you want to tell your stories with a Chinese friend?

Do you want to share your feelings about China with your peers?

Do you want to record your life in China in a brand new way?

Please join us!

Authorized by the Ministry of Education of China, the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE) will hold the 6th “My Beautiful Encounter with China” essay competition as well as the short-video competition with the same theme. With the hope of helping to enrich your experience in China and promote the cultural exchanges among international students from different countries and regions, we invite you to participate in the exciting event:

Participants: International students in China, alumni graduated from Chinese universities, students and scholars from overseas sinology institutes.

Ways to Participate: Participants may choose from either or both of the two forms (essay or short-video). All entries must be original, without having been published in other newspapers, books or websites, or being contributed to other competitions.

Requirements of Essay Entries

1. Theme: You are expected to share your experiences and insights of China, including but not limited to Chinas development and changes, your preview of the future of economic, social, scientific and cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

You can decide the headlines of your stories with the theme on My Beautiful Encounter with China. You can share your feelings and observations of your study, your daily life and your work in China, as well as the natural scenery, urban features and cultural exchanges  your have seen and experienced.

2. Language: Written in Chinese, the length of entries should be around 1,000 Chinese characters.

Requirements of Short-Video Entries

Participation Method I: Submit your video works to CSCSE. Your works will be published on relevant media platforms after careful selection.

a. Considering the theme of the competition, you may record your story in China from the eyes of an international student and express your feelings for the country through your lens.

b. Video Duration: 1-6 minutes.

c. Video Format: MP4.

d. Language: Unlimited. Apply Chinese subtitles when dubbed in other languages and apply English subtitles in other languages when dubbed in Chinese.

Participation Method II: Upload your video works online through your DouYin accounts. This platform competition will begin in mid-June and last until late August. The video duration is not limited. The detailed competition arrangement will be released through the official WeChat account of StudyinChina (ID:istudyinchina) and our website : www.studyinchina.edu.cn.

How to Contribute:

Essay and short video (Participation Method I): Visit our website on www.studyinchina.edu.cn and register for the competition by clicking the banner on the home page.

If you have any question or need further information, please contact essay@istudyinchina.org.

1. Works from current international students in China and alumni graduated from Chinese universities are expected to be registered, collected and submitted by the relevant university.

2. Works from students and scholars from overseas sinology institutes will be collected by CSCSE and relevant Chinese embassies and consulates overseas.

3. All the works are required to be submitted in the name of an individual contestant.

4. It is suggested that the universities encourage their students or alumni who have published works that are of high quality to participate in the short video competition.

5. Note

a. Universities with various works to be submitted, please register on the website page of the competition (Visit www.studyinchina.edu.cn and click the banner on the home page. Essays: pack uploading. Videos: Upload separately)

b. It is suggested that the name of the essay or video file be saved as following: Chinese name of the contestant + nationality + school (if any) + title of the entries.

c. The font of the text of the essay should be Song typeface, small size 4, 1.5 line spacing.

d. For video works(Participation Method II), you can also please pay attention to the competition arrangement issued by official WeChat account of StudyinChina (ID:istudyinchina) and our website : www.studyinchina.edu.cn.


1. Essay Competition: All submitted essays will be reviewed by a professional panel. Outstanding essays will be selected to be published as the book My Beautiful Encounter with China as well as other social media.

2. Short-Video Competition

Participation Method I: Videos will be assessed by a professional panel and published on the online platform. Outstanding works will be selected based on contents, quality, popularity, etc.

Participation Method II: Based on the platform provided by DOUYIN, Outstanding works will be selected based on contents, quality, popularity, amount of likes, completion rate, etc.

All the winners will be awarded the certificate issued by CSCSE, as well as relevant rewards. Meanwhile, CSCSE will select certain universities to be the Outstanding Organization Award.

Deadline: June 30th , 2022 for essay competition.

        Aug 10th ,2022 for video competition.

Contacts: essay@cscse.edu.cn

TEL: 010-62677596、62677589、62677592