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Notice on "Understanding China's New Era" Themed Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest for International Students in China

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To promote exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations, and present a true, multi-dimensional, and panoramic view of China, Contemporary World magazine, together with China Xinhua News Network Corporation and China Road & Bridge Corporation (as an organizing committee), holds "Understanding China's New Era" —— Themed Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest for International Students in China. The contest is also co-organized by the secretariat of China Scholarship Council.

Ⅰ. Theme

The theme of the contest is understanding China's New Era. All the essays, photography and short videos can reflect the views of international students and graduates on China in recent decade, and record their experiences and feelings in China's New Era.

Ⅱ. Contestants

The contest welcomes all the international students in China (including students who cannot return to China due to COVID-19 pandemic) and those who graduated after 2012 and live in China now.

Ⅲ. Requirements

Essays, photography and short videos within the theme are welcomed and contestants can choose one or more forms. All the works used should be original and based on real life and experiences, with no publication on other books, newspapers, magazines, networks and new media, neither should the works be contributed to other similar contests.

1. Essays

(1)Within the scope of the theme, and with a title of contestants' own choice, the works contributed can cover international students' personal experience, feelings and knowledge of studying, living and working in China since 2012. All fields of social life can be involved, including China's economic development, scientific and technological achievements, natural scenery, urban construction, cultural exchanges, etc..

(2)There is no limit to the style of the essay, with a length of 1000-2000 words. It is recommended that the works be written in Chinese. The recommended font format is Song, 14-point and 1.5-spaced.


(1)On the theme of the contest, use the lens to capture real moments in or related to China. The content of the work can be campus life, public figures, natural scenery, local customs, etc., and the shooting location is in China or other countries and regions related to Chinese elements.

(2)The works require novel ideas, clear pictures, reasonable layout, and certain artistic expression. Photographic works can be in black and white or in color, and a brief description of the work must be attached, preferably within 100 words. Each contestant submits no more than 2 works, both single photo and group photos (no more than 3 photos per group, counted as 1 piece) are welcomed.

(3)Photographs must be in JPG format, and the compressed file should not be less than 5M.  

3.Short Videos

(1)Focusing on the theme, international students can record what you have seen, heard and felt in your study, life and work in China, vividly reflecting your feelings and experience of the development and changes in various fields in China since 2012.

(2)The duration of the work is about 3 minutes, and the specific presentation form is not limited, including short narrative, micro film, micro documentary, Vlog, etc.. The resolution of the work should not be lower than 720P, and mainstream video formats such as AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4and RMVB are accepted. The language used in the work should be Chinese or English; if other languages are used, Chinese or English subtitles must be attached.

(3)The contest can be participated both individually and as a team. We encourage international students and Chinese students to form a team to create the works, and the works of international students can be instructed by faculty advisers.

Ⅳ. Schedule

1. Submission

(1) Submission Mode

Please send the works to the designated mailbox iceo@huat.edu.cn with a standard email title: Essays / Photography works /Short videos – Passport Name +Passport Number +Title of the Work.

(2)Deadline for Submission

Essays and photography works: May 31, 2022;

Short video works: July 31, 2022.

The university shall recommend the outstanding works to the Organizing Committee after selection and evaluation.

2. Evaluation and Awarding

There will be a group review for essay, photography and short video. The Organizing Committee will invite authoritative experts to evaluate the submissions.

The result will be announced from August 25 to August 31, 2022, on the official website of Contemporary World magazine (http://www.ddsjcn.com) and the official website of China Scholarship Council (https://www.csc.edu.cn).

3. Promoting

The awarded works will be promoted for the period from September 1 to December 31, 2022 in the Chinese and English editions of Contemporary World, the English WeChat account “CPC WORKS”, the official website of the China Scholarship Council, the APPs of China Xinhua News Network, etc..

The author has the copyright and the right of authorship, and the organizing committee has the right of use. The organizer has the right to use the relevant works for publication, publicity, exhibition and other purposes, and no additional remuneration will be paid.

Participants shall have full, complete and exclusive copyrights for the submitted works, and shall not infringe other intellectual property rights such as portrait rights and reputation rights of third parties, as well as personal ownership.

V. Awards Setting

1. In the essay category, there will be 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes, and 20 third prizes. Award certificates will be issued, with prizes of 1,500 yuan, 1,000 yuan, and 500 yuan respectively;

2. In the photography category, there will be 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes, and 20 third prizes. Award certificates will be issued, with prizes of 1,000 yuan, 600 yuan, and 300 yuan respectively;

3. In the short video category, there will be 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes, and 20 third prizes. Award certificates will be issued, with prizes of 8,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan, and 2,000 yuan respectively.

4. China Road & Bridge Corporation will give priority to the winners and contestants to provide work internships and employment opportunities at China or abroad, and will provide corporate scholarships or grants for international students in China as appropriate.