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Date:2023-12-15    Author:Shan Li     Source:    ClickTimes:

Recently, good news has been pouring in! Good news came from the Hubei Provincial Competition for Excellent Short Video Works in "Telling Chinese Stories in Foreign Languages". During the 2023 "Higher Education Society Cup" for colleges and universities(undergraduate), guided by Professor Ye Hui from our School of Foreign Languages and Professor Zhang Tingting from the School of International Education, the English short video work " Mountains and rivers get together; Yin and Yang are in harmony; Taoism pervades every aspect of Shiyaner " co-produced by Luo Yingjie, Ruan Yanan, Gao Mengxue, Li Peiyao and KIVENI LULENDO GINIAS, won the grand prize in Hubei Province and the second prize in the country!

To vividly narrate Taoist culture, the team decided to use the perspective of students from HUAT to introduce an acclaimed automobile city, Shiyan, with mountains and rivers and the profound Taoist culture to the world in English. The team also cleverly combined the urban image of Shiyan – Wudang Mountain, Danjiang River, and its tile Automobile City - to show the Yin and Yang culture of Taoism vividly with specific examples. Meanwhile, the story between the author and international student Ji Xiaolong is narrated from a first-person perspective, further elevating the theme

On November 11th, the final of the second Hubei Provincial College Students Intercultural Competence Competition of the "Foreign Language Education Press Cup" was successfully concluded at China Three Gorges University. Our school students Luo Yingjie, Ruan Yanan, Li Rui, and KIVENI LULENDO GINIAS, under the guidance of teachers Ye Hui and Bi Yun from the School of Foreign Languages, created a short video work called "When Ginias Meets TCM" which won a special prize and advanced to the national finals!

It is reported that this competition (National College Students Intercultural Competence Competition of the "Foreign Language Education Press Cup") has attracted students from 31 universities in Hubei province to join, and 2 grand prizes, 3 first prizes, and 7 second prizes have been selected. This competition has been included in the competition list of the 2023 National College Student Competition Analysis Report of the China Association of Higher Education and recongnized a national A-class competition.

Our school has always adhered to the fundamental task of "cultivating virtue and nurturing talents", vigorously promoted the construction of ideological and political courses, actively explored the integration of excellent traditional Chinese culture into the curriculum about ideological and political education, and encouraged students to tell Chinese stories through multiple channels such as camera and composition and so on.