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The International Students Won the Darts Contest in the College Sports Days

Date:2023-05-27    Author:Shi Yuhao     Source:    ClickTimes:

In the afternoon of April 24, 2023, the college students’ darts contest of HUAT was held on schedule. Seven international students and graduate students in our department participated in individual high score competition (8 rounds) and Cricket(standard).

Those international athletes had made a thorough and active preparation for the first participation in darts contest through tough training and gradual learning of racing rules and corresponding pivotal skills. And ultimately they acquired excellent grades involving the 5th place in Men’s Cricket Schedule, the 4th prize in Men’s High Scoring Contest Schedule and were ranked 6th in team’s total points. It is the first time that HUAT presides over darts contest and also the first time that international students engage in this competition. Our department invariably persists and promotes the Olympic spirit. And international students always adhere to sportsmanship and disciplines, racing out of style and capacity.