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Delegation from Division of Protocol and Information of Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Visits School for Research and Guidance

Date:2023-05-23    Author:Ruan Yanan     Source:    ClickTimes:

Wang Mengzhou, Deputy Director of Division of Protocol and Information of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Hubei Provincial Committee, along with Wan Min, Director of the Political Affairs Program Department of Hubei Voice at Hubei Radio and Television Station, Zhang Chao, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shiyan Municipal Committee, and Mo Yan, Deputy Director, visited HUAT for research and guidance on the morning of April 14th.

During their visit, Wang Mengzhou and her delegation toured HUAT's Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition and Exchange Center. They gained an understanding of HUAT's distinctive educational characteristics, educational collaborations with foreign universities, the situation of international students and teachers, as well as the remarkable achievements of Dongfeng HUAT Formula Racing Team. Wang Mengzhou expressed the hope that HUAT would continue to enhance its international communication capabilities, tell China's story well, spread China's voice, and present an authentic, comprehensive, and multidimensional image of Hubei to the world.