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Vice Governor Shao Xinyu Visited HUAT

Date:2023-03-10    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

Shao Xinyu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of the CPC of Hubei Provincial Government and vice governor, visited HUAT, and opened the brand of Dongfeng-HUAT Intelligent Automobile Industry Academy. Zhou Yong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, Zhou Jing, Director of the Provincial Department of Education, Feng Yanfei, Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hu Zhili, Executive Vice Mayor of Shiyan Municipal Committee, Zhou Zhiyong, Deputy mayor of Shiyan Municipal Committee, and other relevant office leaders accompanied the investigation.

Vice Governor Shao Xinyu and his delegation first visited the university history hall and the new energy vehicle exhibition in the IUR Building. In the university history hall, they approached the exhibits and old photos to learn about the university's half-century history and achievements. Zhang Wenxue, Party secretary of the University, and Wang Xiao, president of the university, briefly introduced the characteristics and advantages of HUAT, the construction of the new campus and the "three-step" development strategy. In front of the exhibition board supporting the construction of the early stage of the establishment of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Vice Governor Shao Xinyu stopped for a long time to communicate with Qiu Chunzheng, the "live history" of HUAT, about the assistance to the construction at that time, and cherished the memory of Academician Yang Shuzi with profound affection. He pointed out that HUAT has made remarkable achievements in the past 50 years and has made great contributions to the development of the Nation's automobile industry. The history of HUAT for 50 years is a history of struggle that resonates with the national automobile industry. He said that the construction of the new campus and the "three-step" development strategy show the confidence and determination of the university to grasp the opportunities and focus on high-quality development. Hubei province is also full of confidence and expectations, the future is promising, and the provincial government will fully supports the development of the university.

In the library, Shao Xinyu also communicated with the students, encouraging them to cherish the time, embrace the dream, study hard and contribute to the society.

In the IUR building, Shao Xinyu listened to the detailed introduction of the university's intelligent vehicle research and development achievements, and communicated with the faculty. "How do you get involved in these industry-university projects?" "How are these collaborations going? What else can you do?" After hearing the report, he spoke highly of the progress and achievements made by the university in promoting the transformation of scientific research results through IUR cooperation, and actively serving the economic and social development of Hubei Province.

Dongfeng HUAT Intelligent Automobile Industry College is one of the first national-level modern industry colleges in China and only two in Hubei Province. Shao Xinyu, an expert in machine manufacturing automation, inaugurated Dongfeng HUAT Intelligent Automobile Industry Academy. Shao Xinyu and his delegation also visited the Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition and Exchange Center. Vice President Zhang Hongxia introduced in detail the iconic scientific and technological achievements formed by the university's scientific research team in the fields of automobile intelligence, networking, lightweight and electrification, and the excellent achievements of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship. Shao Xinyu was very interested in riding the Sharing-VAN intelligent autonomous vehicle jointly developed by the university's intelligent network team and Dongfeng Yuexiang Technology Co., LTD., and test-driving the formula racing car hand-built by university students in HUAT team.

Shao Xinyu stressed the university should fully implement the integrated deployment of the three strategies of education, science and technology and practice the fundamental task of cultivating  talents, continue to focus on the needs of regional economic development and industrial and social needs, and continue to scientific research, industrialization and talent training.