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HUAT in the 7th "Optong Cup" National Failure Analysis Grand Prix

Date:2022-10-31    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

On October 21, the 7th "Optong Cup" National Failure Analysis Grand Prix co-sponsored by Shanxi Jinzhong Institute of Technology and Optong (China) Co., LTD launched. The competition provides a platform for scientific research innovation, fully realizes the close combination of theoretical teaching and practical cases as well as research with practical ability, and trains professionals with interdisciplinary comprehensive ability for the development of science and technology in China. Representatives and more than 300 participants from universities and enterprises across the country participated in the competitions.

The contest is the national competition in the domestic field of material failure analysis, through the analysis of failure cases, it will enhance the comprehensive use of contestants basic knowledge of material science and analysis ability to solve practical engineering problems, and will promote learning and research assistant, Improve students' comprehensive analysis ability. The entries cover a wide range of 12 engineering and technological fields, including thermal power, wind power, high-speed rail, automobile, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, steel, construction, aerospace and military.