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Young Teachers of HUAT Won Two Third Prizes in the 8th Youth Teaching Competition in Hubei Province

Date:2022-09-11    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:



On September 7, the results of the 8thYouth Teaching Competition were announced. Ye Hui from School of Foreign Languages won the third prize in the foreign language group, and Zou Chunlong fromCollege of Mechanical Engineering won the third prize in the engineering group.

It is understood thata total of 127 outstanding young teachers from 51 universities in the province including Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Huazhong Normal University entered the finals. The content of the competition includes three parts: teaching design, classroom teaching, andteachingreflection and defense. In order to improve the teaching and competition level of the participating teachers, theCenter of Faculty Development, the Academic Affairs Office, the School of Foreign Languages, the College of Mechanical Engineering and otherdepartments have all supported them. The selection of teaching segments, teaching design and courseware production, as well as the design of blackboard writing,teachingreflection and defense, teaching posture and teaching attitude, etc., were given comprehensive guidance.

The results achieved in this competition fully demonstrate the solid teaching skills and positive spirit ofHUAT's young teachers, and are also the results ofHUAT's emphasis on the training of young teachers and classroom teaching over the years. At the same time, the competition will further promote school teaching reform, stimulate the enthusiasm of young teachers todevote in teaching research and teaching reform, improve the quality of school personnel training, and contribute to the school's high-quality connotation development.