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College of Materials Engineering

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College of Materials Science and Engineering

The College of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE), founded in 1981, offers both postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It is dedicated to delivering professional manpower who pioneer the needs of automotive industry, government and academia, advance the state of knowledge and technology through innovative applied research, as well as serve the local economy and the profession through programs of education and technology transfer.

Majors and Research Centers

We intend to offer students interested in material behavior and technologies an engineering-oriented Master’s and Bachelor’s degree with an inter-disciplinary flexibility reflecting the multi-faceted nature of material science. Its majors include Material Shaping and Control Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Welding Technology Engineering, Metal Materials Engineering, and Polymer Materials Engineering.

We have been listed as the Key Discipline of Hubei Province since 2012. The major of Material Shaping and Control Engineering has been listed as the “National Featured Undergraduate Major of Higher Education”, the “Pilot Major of Excellent Engineer Training Program”, the “Excellent Major of Hubei Province”, as well as the “Pilot Major for the Cultivation of Talents for Strategic Pillar Industry”. It has also passed the attestation of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association in 2019. The major of Material Science and Engineering is also listed as the “Pilot Major for the Cultivation of Talents for Strategic Pillar Industry” in Hubei Province, and it has already been submitted for attestation of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association since 2020. The major of Welding Technology and Engineering is listed as the selected major for the program of “Collaborative Education of Hubei Talents”. Other majors, such as Material Shaping and Control Engineering, Material Science Engineering, and Polymer Materials Engineering, are ranked as Best Majors of Hubei Province.

There are several research centers within the College of Material Science and Engineering, such as the Test Base for Automotive Lightweight Technology Transfer, Automotive Lightweight Material and Connection Technology Center, and National Engineering Education Center. With the Experimental Center of Material Science and Engineering as the key laboratory of Hubei Province, it is capable of providing a good condition for various teaching and research activities.

Research Groups and Academic Achievements

We have dedicated ourselves to the development of new material and new technology. Our major research areas include Metal Materials for Automotive Lightweight, Polymer and Composite Materials for Automotive, New Technology for Material Forming and Processing, Material Forming Equipment and Automation, Material Surface Technology, and Materials for New Energy Automobile.

Over the past few years, our faculty members have undertaken more than 60 research projects, including several State-level 863 Projects, and several other projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Education, Government of Hubei Province and Dongfeng Motor Company, etc. What’s more, we have published over 10 books and 200 papers, with more than 70 papers indexed by SCI and EI journals.

Currently, we have four research groups, including 1 Provincial Research Innovation Team, 1 Provincial Excellent Teachers’ Team and 2 College-level Innovation Teams. We have been working closely with companies and enterprises to establish a Stamping and Mode Equipment Technology and Research Center, a Precision Casting Technology Research Center, and an Internal Combustion Engine Technology Center.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the CMSE is to strive to be an outstanding student-centered istitution that serves needs of the industry, the university, the nation and the international community. It is organized to achieve its mission by providing a high-quality education and research programs in materials science and engineering that are at the forefront of modern automotive industry so as to prepare the students to function effectively in the evolving global technology and economy.