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School of Economics and Management

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School of Economics and Management


The School of Economics and Management (SEM) was created in 1983. Today, the School is proud to be part of the Hubei University of Automotive Technology, which now has among its faculties a high-quality faculty dedicated to Economics and Management.

Currently, the School is consisted of four departments, including Department of Business Administration, Department of Marketing and Tourism, Department of Information Management, and Department of Economics and Trade. There are 85 faculty members, including 74 full-time teachers. Among the teachers, 44% are teachers with senior professional titles, including 8 Professor and 21 Associate Professors. Teachers with Doctor’s Degree and Master’s Degree account for 92%, and 20 part-time teachers from companies and business.

Teaching and Learning

At present, we offer 8 undergraduate courses, including Logistics Management, Marketing, Financial Management, Tourism Management, Information Management and Information System, International Economics and Trade, Business Administration, Big Data Management and Application.  

The major of Logistics Management is enlisted by the Ministry of Education to carry out trials on New Liberal Arts reform, and for the Development of Newly-emerged Strategic Industry by the Hubei Government. Majors, including Marketing, Financial Management, Tourism Management, Information Management and Information System, International Economics and Trade, Business Administration are identified as the “First-class Undergraduate Majors” of Hubei Province. The major of Information Management and Information System is selected for the pilot project of industry-university cooperation in cultivating “Outstanding Talents for Hubei Province”.

The faculty have also won a series of honors bestowed by the Education Department of Hubei Province. For example, the faculty of Logistics Management is accredited as “Excellent Grassroot Teaching Unit”. Both the major of Information Management and Information System, and the major of Automobile Marketing are honored as “Excellent Teaching Community of Hubei Province”. Course such as VR Simulation Experiment of Intelligent Automotive Logistics and VR Simulation Experiment of Automotive Marketing are accredited “First-class Course”. Industry & Business Administration is accredited as highly-recommend priority majors.

We also offer postgraduate programs, including Master of Management Science and Engineering, Master of Statistics, and Master of Engineering Management.  

Besides, the school has also carried out international cooperation with universities in other countries, such as Southern Cross University in Australia, Caitlin University in the United States, and Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

Research and Training Centers

   We have established several institutions to facilitate our research and teaching, including Shiyan Institute for Strategic Development, Big Data and Intelligent Decision-making Institute, Hubei Automotive Industry Development Research Center, National Experimental Teaching Center for logics engineering, and VR Simulative Training Center. Two research teams are accredited as Young and Middle-aged Leading Science and Technology Innovation Team by the Education Department of Hubei Province.

In addition, we have built various training centers and training bases to provide our students with a good learning and research environment. We have the Experimental Center for New Business Project, Automotive Marketing Training Center, Simulation Laboratory for Finance and Accounting, ERP Sand Table Simulation Room. We have more than 40 training bases, and one provincial demonstration base.

Academic and Research Achievements

In the past five years, we have completed more than 80 government-funded research projects and 100 programs commissioned by enterprises, including National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Fund of China, the Natural Science Foundation and Social Science Foundation of Hubei Province, etc. We have won 6 provincial and 40 regional scientific research awards, including the Science and Technology Progress Award, the Social Science Achievement Award, the Development Research Award.

   Our faculty members have published 500 academic papers, among which are 60 SCI/EI journal articles and 100 PKU articles. One of the research articles was selected as the “Top-100 most influential paper around the world” and the most frequently cited paper, and 10 papers have entered 1% of ESI.

At the same time, we have published more than 20 and textbook 17 books, among which Automotive Marketing was selected as the planned textbook for higher education in the 11th Five-year-plan by the Ministry of Education. Three courses, including Automotive Culture, Information System Management and Automotive Marketing are selected as high-quality national and provincial open course.

   We have been working closely with enterprises to improve the students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities. A series of reforms have been adopted to improve the students’ practical skills and entrepreneurship. As a result, our students have won more than 150 awards in such competitions as Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Completion of Practice for Operational Competence in International Business, etc.

By intensively collaborating with its entire ecosystem and combines a unique blend of scientific rigor, contextual engagement, and problem-solving skills, we aim to serve the needs of the society. Our students are highly-popular in the labor force market and our average employment rate is 95%.

Mission and Goal

The School of Economics and Management (SEM) aims at being a leading Chinese school in economics and management, as enabler of the sustainability transformation of our society. Integrated in a multidisciplinary research-based university, we aim to produce pioneering research and educate students to become true entrepreneurs in their respective fields.