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International Student Won the "Fulda Cup" College Student Resume Design Competition

Date:2022-10-26    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

 On the evening of October 25th, "Fulda Cup" 2022 Hubei University of Automotive Technology College Student Resume Design Competition was held in the lecture hall of library. Kiveni Lulendo Ginias, an international student from the Democratic Republic of Congo, participated in the competition and won the second prize.

Kiveni Lulendo Ginias carefully designed the resume, introduced the basic information, educational background, work experience, language skills and job intention, and fully displayed his personal strengths and characteristics of the resume, especially the skills of mastering five languages, which won the recognition and praise of the on-site judges.

This competition provides a platform and opportunity for international students to improve their resume design and job interview skills, and helps them establish a correct employment outlook and design career planning in advance.