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HUAT Leaders Meet with Former Director of National Second Automobile Workshop

Date:2022-09-28    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

On the evening of September 25th, Cheng Hongbing, Secretary of Party Committee, and Zhang Wenxue, the President of HUAT, paid a special visit to Chen Qingtai,Chairman of the China Electric Vehicle 100 Association and Former Director of National Second Automobile Workshop. Cheng Hongbing reported the construction and development of HUAT in recent years as well as the "three-step" development strategy and the progress of campus expansion plan.

On the morning of September 26, Chen Qingtai went to Dongfeng Parts Company. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Huang Jianxiong, Director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Shi Yongxue, Chairman of the CPPCC Zhao Zhe, Secretary of the Party Committee of HUAT Cheng Hongbing, President Zhang Wenxue accompanied. Chen Qingtai walked into the factory workshop, inspected the assembly line , learned about the development status of the electric vehicle industry, technology research and development, and the construction plan of the auto parts smart industrial park (Dongfeng Smart Town), and exchanged views with Cheng Hongbing and Zhang Wenxue leaders of Hubei University of Automotive Technology.