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Opening Ceremony of HUAT 2022 Freshmen

Date:2022-09-22    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of September 21, the opening ceremony of HUAT 's 2022 freshmen was grandly held at the school's playground.

Cheng Hongbing, Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Wenxue, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, Li Tao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Lin Xuerong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Gao Ren, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, Chen Haifeng, Chairman of the Labor Union, Wang Zhen, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Wang Wenshan, Director of the University Office, Directors s of Departments, Deans of Colleges, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the branch party committee (general party branch, directly affiliated party branch), Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Secretary of the branch committee, instructors, freshman teachers, Students Affair Office, the Youth League Committee and all the new students in 2022 attended the ceremony together. The conference was presided over by Gao Ren, Vice President.

Before the ceremony, a video message was played from some outstanding alumni from alumni associations across the country. The message not only expresses the gratitude and longing for HUAT, but also encourages the newly admitted students to cherish the beautiful university life and continuously enhance their talents. In addition, the singing and warm-up performances by the college student art college expressed their best wishes to the freshmen. The opening ceremony starts with a solemn flag-raising ceremony.

On behalf of all teachers and students of the university, Zhang Wenxue extended welcome and congratulations to the arrival of the freshmen of 2022. He reviewed the history of HUAT in the past 50 years, and at the same time put forward three hopes to the freshmen: first, to pursue their dreams and build up the consciousness and self-confidence of the mission; Live up to your time, keep the enthusiasm and vitality of exploration and innovation. He hopes that all the freshmen will be in the best era, the best age, use the best efforts, drive their dreams on the track of youth, live up to the gifts of the years, live up to this youthful time, and send out on the new journey with The strongest voice of patriotism to obtain great achievements.

At the ceremony, Wang Wenshan read out the "Decision of HUAT on Recognizing the 2022 Graduate Academic Scholarship and Outstanding Freshman Scholarship for Undergraduate Students", awarding Sun Jinyan and other 12 students the "Outstanding Freshman Scholarship". Decide". Cheng Hongbing presented medals to the winners of student competitions, and other leaders presented awards to representatives of freshman scholarship winners.

Professor Huang Haiming from the College of Mathematical and Optoelectronic Engineering delivered a speech as a faculty representative. He recalled the scene when he entered HUAT 15 years ago. Starting from his own feelings, he sent a true "wishes" to the students. He hoped that the students would determine the new direction of life according to the major, advocate the new value of learning, refinement and growth, and devote to HUAT's glory.

On behalf of the students, Yan Bingru, the executive chairman of the student union, extended a warm welcome to the younger students and shared his experience in college life. Li Jin, a student majoring in electronic information from the College of Electrical and Information Engineering, as the representative of the 2022 graduate students, recalled the story of growing up and expressed his expectations for the new stage in the future. Liu Peikun, a student majoring in vehicle engineering from the College of Automotive Engineering, as a representative of the 2022 undergraduate freshmen, expressed his determination and confidence that he will adapt to university life as soon as possible, forge ahead, and bravely take on the mission.