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HUAT Held a Promotion Meeting of Sino-Foreign Cooperation Running Schools

Date:2022-09-02    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:


On August 31,HUAT held a promotion meeting of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation Running School. Vice President Zhang Hongxia and relevant leaders attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Su Zibo,Director of ICEO,emphasized the great significance of holding Sino-foreign cooperative education projects according to thenational regulations. Liu Xin gave a detailed interpretation of the task decomposition. During the discussion, the participants exchanged and discussed issues such as the scaleandinvestment of running a school, teaching and talent training plans.

Zhang Hongxia,Vice Presidentfinally pointed out that the holding of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects isnecessary for opening education to the outside world,the economy, the international development ofHUAT, as well as theteacher development and talent training in the final analysis. Due to theurgentwork schedule andgreat tasks, she asked the ICEOand the relevant colleges to thoroughly understand the policies and put plan ahead. It is not only necessary to devoteourselves to the application preparation, but also to select teachers and train teachers. She emphasized that all departments and relevant colleges should raise awareness, attach great importance, play a team role, coordinate and cooperate, and complete the project application for approval with high quality.