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HUAT Received One Million Donation from DFW Company

Date:2022-06-10    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of June 8, at the donation ceremony of "Dongfeng Parts Group Meng Shaonong Scholarship", Cai Shilong and Zhang Wenxue signed a donation agreement on behalf of the enterprise anduniversity; Chen Xinglin handed over a donation check of 1 million yuan to Cheng Hongbing; Cheng Hongbing to Chen Xinglin The donation certificate of honor was issued; Zhang Yongxue, director of the Human Resources Department of Dongfeng Auto Parts Group, and Li Jian, deputy director of theAcademic Affairs Office of HUAT signed a cooperation agreement on the training of outstanding engineers on behalf of the enterprise and the school.

In his concluding speech, Cheng Hongbing pointed out that the donation of "Dongfeng Parts Group Meng Shaonong Scholarship" and the signing of the cooperation agreement for the training of outstanding engineers not only reflected that Dongfeng Parts Group attaches great importance to higher education and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, but also reflected that Dongfeng The deep friendship between the Auto Parts Group and the HUATand the inspiration and care for the students of theHUAT are also further deepening the blood relationship between Dongfeng and theHUAT, further promoting and inheriting the spirit of Meng Shaonong, and further jointly building enterprise-school-industry-university-research cooperation. It is of great significance for inspiring teachers and students of theHUAT to make unremitting efforts to realize the dream of China's automobile industry. It is hoped that after the meeting, both companies and schools can carry out more diverse and colorful industry-university-research cooperation paradigms, so as to promote win-win cooperation and high-quality development between companies and schools.