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Final of 2nd Chinese Competition and New Year Party

Date:2021-12-31    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

Along with the strongatmosphere ofNew Year and the beautiful scenery of thehappy night, the final of the second Chinese competition forinternational students ofHUAT and the New Year Day party were successfully held in the 5101 hall. The Vice President Zhang Hongxia,and the leaders from other departments:Tao Wei, Li Jian, Zhu Zhanwei, Huang Haibo, Su Zibo, Zhu Xiaomeng, Chinese teacher, and some students joined this activity.

The evening party kicked off with the youthful and energetic dance performance ELEVEN. The AC dancegroup attracted the attention of the audience with its graceful, elegant and lively dance;then comesthe rap performances of international students Sanfo and William and the instrumental performancePeaches &Shape of you from Ginas and Shawn, not only embodies the passion and vitality of the international students, but also shows the pioneering and innovative spirit of the College of International Education, which has won bursts of applause from the audience. Yao Dongao’s song "Little Love in the Big City" instantly ignited the romantic atmosphere of the audience; the song Take me to your heart brought by teacher Ma Chunjiang pushed the party to a climax. His affectionate singing voice attracted the applause and cheers of countlessstudents; the "Fairy Tale" sung by the foreign students and the Chinese teacher made the students feel the infinite charm of Chinese.

At the same time, the Chinese competition is interspersed. The seven contestants dressed in formal attire and competed in three aspects: self-introduction, topic speech, and impromptu question and answer. They shared the cultural differences between their country and China and their feelings about living in China. In particular,Andre gave a detailed explanation on the definition ofTea, the degree of fermentation, and the benefits to the body, which left a deep impression on the judges and the audience. In the impromptu question and answer session, the students fullyshowed their flexible response ability. After an exciting competition, 2 people won the first prize, 2 people won the second prize, and 3 people won the third prize.

At the end of the event,a speech bySu Zibo not only sent sincere New Year greetings to the teachers and students, but also raised earnest expectations for the international students. He said that we still face many practical problems. The most prominent one is the challenge brought by the epidemic. This requires all of us to work together, unite, and strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. I hope that in the face of many realistic pressures, the international students of our school can shoulder the hopes ofyour parents and the teaching guidance of the teachers and realizeyour ideals as soon as possible.