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Consul General of British Consulate General in Wuhan Visited HUAT

Date:2021-11-22    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:


On Nov.19th, Mr Gareth Hoar, Consul General of British Consulate General in Wuhan and Mrs Gao Yawen, Head of Regional Cooperation Office of British Consulate General in Wuhan and Mr Jiang Tao, Translator of British Consulate General in Wuhan visited HUAT; Mr Zhang Chao, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Municipal Party Committee and Mrs Mo Yan, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Municipal Party Committee visited HUAT. Mrs Zhang Hongxia, Vice President of HUAT, Mrs Chen Yufeng, Dean of College of Electrical and Information Engineering, Mrs Fengying,Dean of College of Automotive Engineering and Mr Su Zibo, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office warmly welcomed Mr.Gareth Hoar and his team.


At 10:00 in the morning, Mr Gareth Hoar and his team first came to the Automobile Manufacturing Automation Sub-center of the National Engineering Research Center of Manufacturing Equipment Digitization of HUAT, which was established in 2005 with Huazhong University of Science and Technology as the construction unit and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. This sub-center takes charge of the innovative application and promotion of digital control of automobile manufacturing and equipment technology in northwest area of Hubei. Miss Xu Jinyu introduced to Mr Gareth Hoar and his team the main instruments and equipment of the center, such as welding robot and Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV) , explained the research projects and achievements in recent years, the pictures of undergraduate teaching, theory and practice integration curriculum reform, the practice training and graduation design in the off-campus practice base, and demonstrated the integrated automation research platform of crankshaft manufacturing. 

 Later, Mr Gareth Hoar and his team came to Dongfeng racing-car team, learned about the team's participation process and brilliant achievements, and they had an in-depth communication with the team students with great interest, and raised their thumbs to take photos together.

At 10:30 in the morning, the delegation of the School History Museum introduced the development history, school-running characteristics, educational cooperation with Britain and achievements of our school to Mr Gareth Hoar and his party. Mr Gareth Hoar also left a best wish to HUAT and his signature in the commemorative book.

After the visit, the two sides moved to the conference room in the library to hold a visiting symposium to exchange views on further cooperation. At the meeting, Vice President Zhang Hongxia extended a warm welcome speech to Mr Gareth Hoar and his team, and introduced the basic situation of discipline construction, personnel training and characteristic development of the school. She said that our school has established good cooperative relations with some universities in the UK, and hopes that with the promotion of the Consul General, suitable universities can be selected to further promote the development of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools in the fields of machinery, materials, electronics and management, and look forward to more extensive exchanges and cooperation with more universities in the UK to achieve win-win results in scientific research and personnel training. Mr Gareth Hoar showed thanks for our invitation, and thought that the founder of our school, Mr. Meng Shaonong, was a "respectable person" and the HUAT racing-car team"left a deep impression" on him. He said that the training mode of integration of production and learning adopted by our school is also highly respected in British education. The UK and even the whole world have been working on new energy vehicles to solve the problems of climate change and low carbon, and should strengthen the sharing of experience in automotive engineering with HUAT. For further cooperation in education, he will strengthen ties with the British government and promote exchanges and cooperation between universities in the two countries.

After the meeting, Mr.Gareth Hoar and his team took a photo in front of the portrait of Mr Meng Shaonong.