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International Students Watch "The Battle at Changjin Lake"

Date:2021-10-18    Author:张婷婷     Source:    ClickTimes:

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In order to strengthen our international students’ understanding of Chinese history, the School of International Education organized all international students to watch the red historical film "The Battle atChangjin Lake" on October 15th. This activitywas held in Seven Film Park.

After understanding the historical background of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the overseas students were deeply attracted by the plot and couldn't help but sigh: Embrace peace and cherish the present. Some students also expressed their feelings about watching the movie:

1.The only thing i can say about this movie is "waou" because I don't often watch movies about history, i thought its was boring but after watching that one i was just speechless ,the courage ,the bravery, the sacrifice in this movies made me almost cry.

......................... (Sanfo)

2.The movie was not only about war between two country..It shows how can some people love there country and can leave there life for the betterment of the country..The most heart touching scene was “some soldier was freezed on the very cold weather,they even died but they was still there for save the country “it prove the sacrifice of the soldiers

............................ (Raqibul)

3. The movie was very interesting where it showed more of chinese history throughout the past decades which is a good thing and the most thing i learned is that chinese they have a solid and strong heart ever made and their confidence is high


4.Many thanks to the HUAT family for my second cinema experience and such interesting historical Chinese movie, I look forward to such opportunities in the future


5.I understood that it was about a story based from the past. From viewpoint I really enjoy seeing some characters like Chinese Chairman and the Party members on it even if it's the real one . They look alike a lot. At the beginning I noticed they have tried to attract people attention i mean they have shown since the beginning the movie is wonderful. I felt that Chinese help Korean to fight and they showed us no matter a difficulty you have in your way never give up. One day your way will be bright. Never get only one ways of success always get plenty ways of success. No one can win alone. You have to get good people around you while you're fighting for your success. I deeply like the movie and it's the only movie with more than 2 hours and I watch from the beginning to the end without any interruption. If I have to watch again for sure I will be glad to watch it


6.First thing it was my first time waching movie in chinama hall. it was really amezing movie. I enjoy this movie so much. I wanna say this movie really show how hard work army people do. There really hard worker and They gave their lives for the country. I was crying i respect every army person from my heart .

............................(Kamrun Nahar)

7.The things I can say about the movie I was excited and it was good the things that I learned is to never give up and to be patient also to fight for what you want.


8.On October 15, 2021, Teacher Zhang, the international student counselor of our school, and Raqibul, our monitor, organized an event, which is to take us to a movie calledThe Battle atChangjin Lake.

This movie is about the war between China and the United States in 1950. At that time, even my parents were not even born. It is estimated that some parents in China are not yet born. But at that time there were already people fighting for the independence of the People’s Republic of China. Those people. I call them heroes. Why should they be like this? The reason is simple because their patriotism is more important than death. This movie touched me so much that I almost cried. The Ninth Army of the Volunteers won the victory not because of their strong or many weapons, but because of their love for China and the safety and peace of the Chinese people are more important than anything else.

I think people in our country who can watch this movie will definitely bring them a lot of new ideas and take China as our new role model. If you are reading this article, if you have not watched this movie, I recommend you to watch it.