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HUAT in "Baja SAE China"

Date:2021-10-09    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

"Baja SAE China (BSC)" is an off-road vehicle design, manufacturing and testing competition organized by a team of students from universities, vocational colleges. Baja competition is divided into two parts: static competition and dynamic competition. The static competition covers technical inspection, racing design, cost and manufacturing, commercial marketing, etc. ,while dynamic competition covers hill climbing race, manipulation race and 4-hour endurance race.

Guided by China Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers, and co-organized by the Xiangyang Municipal Government, the "2021 China Society of Automotive Engineers Baja Competition (Xiangyang Station)" was held in Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang City. A total of more than 90 teams and more than 1,600 students from universities and vocational colleges across the country participated in this Baja Competition.

HUAT team finally won the third place in undergraduate group, the second place in commercial retails group and first place in operating and control competition.