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The School of International Education Successfully Held the Activity of Mid-Autumn Festival

Date:2021-09-18    Author:张婷婷     Source:    ClickTimes:

"Dew turns white from this tonight, and the moon is the brightest in the hometown." In order to alleviate the homesickness of HUAT's international students, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the School of International Education successfully held the "Mid-Autumn Festival" celebration on September 16th. Participants in this event are all the international students from our university, Amir Najibi, a foreign teacher from Iran, and all the staff of the School of International Education.

When Mid-Autumn Festival meets the "six arts (ritual, music, imperialism, shooting, book, and number)", when traditional culture meets foreign culture, this Mid-Autumn Festival kicks off in a cultural collision.

(1) African drum meets Mid-Autumn Festival

The ancients used poetry to express their emotion for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Today, some international students use African drums to express their love and miss to their families.

(2) Houyi inheritor

The origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the most widely spread among legends are Houyi shooting the sun and Chang'e flying to the moon. This time the international students became the inheritors of "Houyi" and felt the joy of archery.

(3) Pearl travels thousands of miles

In ancient times, "Yu" was mostly related to carriages and horses. It was not only a skill, but also a way of cultivating the body and mind. The "Pearl Traveling Ten Thousand Miles" event and a battle of wheels that embodies the strength of unity and fully promotes the team spirit of the international students.

(4) Ma Liang-Magic brush

"Appreciating the Mid-Autumn Festival, composing poems and sending sentimental thoughts", the international students used brushes together to write "China" and "Mid-Autumn Festival" on rice paper to express the joy of spending the Mid-Autumn Festival together, and their Chinese ability was further improved.

(5) I have the most moon cakes

As the saying goes: "August 15th are round, and Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes are fragrant and sweet." Moon cakes have always been a symbol of family reunion. This event led the international students to learn about Chinese traditional culture, make snowy mooncakes by hand, and taste the deliciousness of mooncakes.

This is the second Mid-Autumn Festival for international students from our school to spend in China. This celebration led students to learn more about Chinese history and traditional culture, and enhanced the sense of belonging and collective integration in the festive atmosphere.