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College of Mechanical Engineering

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College of Mechanical Engineering (CME) was one of the earliest departments in HUAT. Currently, there are 93 faculty members, including 15 professors, 25 associate professors and 1 Senior Engineer, among them 15 ones are
Ph. D degree holders and 33 being Master degree holders. At present, there are three undergraduate majors: Machine Design, Manufacture and Automation, Industrial Engineering and Industrial Design. In 2013, CME begins to enroll postgraduate students in the following field: Mechanical Design Theories, Manufacturing and Automation, Mechatronics Engineering and MEMS Engineering.
In 2008, Mechanical Engineering was chosen as the newly added discipline of HUAT to prepare for being authorized to grant master’s degree; In 2009, Machine Design, Manufacture and Automation teaching team was awarded as the provincial team;
In 2009, Machine Design, Manufacture and Automation major was awarded as the specialized major by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance;  

In 2010, Nitrogen Spring and Automotive Transmission Parts Research Center was awarded as the co-building research center by college and enterprises;
In 2011, the research team in the field of modern auto manufacturing was awarded as provincial Youth Technological Innovation Team;
In 2012, Machine Design, Manufacture and Automation major was awarded by the MOE to implement programs of cultivating prominent engineers.
Currently, CME has well-equipped labs and centers such as Mechanical Engineering Training Center, Mechanical Experimental Teaching Center, Nitrogen Spring and Automotive Transmission Parts R & D center built by HUAT and enterprise, Industrial Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Design Laboratory and ONE Institute for Advanced Car Technology Development. Among which, the Mechanical Experimental Teaching Center was approved to be the provincial demonstration center in 2006. In 2013, the national auto industrial experimental teaching center successfully passed all the examinations.

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