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School of Marxism

Date:2021-06-22    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

School of Marxism(SM)was founded in 1999, which evolved from the original Marxism Teaching and Research Section (founded in 1986). The foundation of SM was to extend the scales and meet the need of coming new century.  

Currently, SM has 1 undergraduate major: commercial law, with enrolled students of 251. Besides lecturing courses for law majors, SM also undertake most of the teaching tasks on public courses like ideological and political theory, psychological health education, employment education, etc. In order to meet the demand of local economic development, Northwest of Hubei Province Customs Study and Intellectual Property Protection Institute are set up to fulfill this need.
A small library with nearly 10,000 books is open to all the students. Currently, there are 5 teaching and research sections: Marxism, Marxism in China, 
Morality, Law, Arts and Literature. There is also one psychological counseling center to solve the psychological problems of students.
SM enjoys a high level of professional team, including 9 professors or associate professors and 1 senior psychological counselor. Among which 20 are master degree holders and 1 have PH.D degree.
SM holds teaching-oriented ideas. In the teaching process, it centralizes on the lecturing of ideological and political courses, and take into account of lecturing for humanistic quality at the same time. The training center and internship base are also set up to give the students more practice. The idea of innovation and practice is encouraged and acquired in the process. The performances of students turn out to be quite encouraging.