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Date:2021-06-22    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:

School of Foreign Language (SFL) evolves from the original foreign language center which was founded in June 2001. Ever since its foundation, SFL has successfully completed a set of tasks, and accomplished various achievements under the support of HUAT.
Currently, SFL has one undergraduate major, under which there are five sections: Teaching and Research Section for juniors and seniors, freshman and sophomores, Second Language Acquisition, and other two for non- English majors.
Faculty: SFL enjoys an outstanding team of 54 members, including 1 professor and 12 associate professors, 29 lecturers, 8 teaching assistants, and 4 foreigners. Among them, 30 ones has acquired master degree and 12 of them will become master degree holders in the coming July.
Major: Currently, SFL has 14 classes with enrolled students about 400, majoring in English for Automotive Trading and Business English.
Characteristics: The graduates shall have a good command of listening, speaking, reading, and writing and translation abilities in English, a good comprehension of international trade and a general knowledge of auto information.

SFL has 6 multifunctional digital laboratories for students to practice their listening and speaking abilities, 2 specialized language labs, 2 campus radio channels for language learning and other auxiliary equipments worthy of 5,000,000RMB.  
Academic Research:
Over the years, the staff members in SFL have achieved a lot in academic research. These achievements include: more than 200 academic papers on journals like Foreign Literature Studies, Foreign Language Education, Journal of Sichuan International Studies University, Journal of Xi'an Foreign Languages University, Tianjin Journal Foreign Studies University, etc; dozens of published books; 21 academic programs funded by Hu Bei Province, MOE, National Foreign Language Education Center, etc.