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College of Science

Date:2021-06-22    Author:     Source:    ClickTimes:
 College of Science (CS), founded in 2005, evolves from the original basic course lecturing center. Currently, it is made up of 7 teaching and research sections, namely, Advanced Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, College Physics, Material Physics, Photoelectric Information and Engineering, Information Materials, etc.

CS enjoys a high level of staff members, including 42 teachers, among which there are 2 professors and 10 associate professors. The total number reaches up to 52, ranging from newly employed assistants to senior professors. Its New Functional Polymer Materials team was awarded the provincial Outstanding Youth Innovation Team.

At present, it has two undergraduate majors: photoelectric information science and engineering, materials physics. The qualified graduates will be granted B.S degree after four years of study.  


With great passions, the staff takes part in the academic research for years. The relative achievements include: 20 academic projects including one funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 published books, and more than 100 papers published in different kinCS of journals, among which the renowned ones being adopted by SCI, EI and ISTP.  
The idea of innovation is encouraged and highly promoted here. Ever since its foundation, CS holCS the belief that the students with solid foundation, broad horizon, and practical abilities will become talents in the future. Students benefit a lot from this belief. They have won a successive of rewarCS in competitions like National Mathematical Modeling Contest, Advanced Mathematics Competition and innovation experiment contest for physics in Hubei province. The graduates are quite popular in job market, with employment rate up to 95 percent and about 30 percent of them pass the postgraduate entrance examination annually.