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School of Continuing Education

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  School of Continuing Education (SCE) was founded in 1972, with a history of more than 40 years, which was then named Education College of Adult. In September 2006, it was renamed to be School of Continuing Education. As an educational institution approved by Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China (MOE), it provides a good platform for anyone who wants to pursue their studies. As for the organization structure, SCE now consists of school affairs office, enrollment and employment office, academic affairs office, students’ affairs office, training office, etc.

Based on the abundant resources of HUAT and DFM Corporation, SCE enrolls students nationwide. Currently, it has 22 undergraduate majors and 21 junior college majors. Holding the idea that strict management results in better result, SCE puts a lot of emphasis on the management of teaching procedures and course requirements. And it turns out to be quite fruitful through these years’ practice. With various ways and flexible time, SCE will help you to make your dream come true.

At present, SCE has about 7,000 enrolled students and tens of thousands of graduates. Because of their solid foundation both in theory and practice, the graduates are quite competitive in the job market and demonstrate their abilities in their work.

The staff members work as a team and try their best to serve all the students, hoping to make SCE a cradle that will make your dream come true. SCE- a starting point for your success!

Introduction of the Continuing Education of HUAT


As an important training base of DFM (Dongfeng Motor Corporation), HUAT (originally called the university for employees of DFM) prospers with the DFM and has contributed nearly 40,000 talents to the automotive industry. At the same time, HUAT is committed to the progress of DFM engineers and technicians. During this process, a complete set of characterized, effective management mode is formed to serve the development of continuing education of HUAT.

SCE has a large contingent of outstanding faculties. Its training courses are quite renowned around the local area. Based on the complete and resourceful facilities of HUAT, SCE has opened a series of training courses such as senior executives training courses, young cadres training, workshop director training courses, team leader training courses, language learning courses for those who want to study abroad, computer and information management training courses, financial management training courses, etc.

The current training is focused on automotive technology, business management, foreign language study, information management training, etc, supplemented by professional and technical titles counseling, job skills promotion and vocational qualifications training as well as other courses. Thus, a multi-level, diversified training education is formed.
  In order to provide better services, SCE adjusts its structures and specifies their equivalent functions. Directed by the market demand, it offers a diversified portfolio of educational programs, services and products to meet the needs of students in each stage of life. A complete set of management system is set up according to the principles of market economy. SCE aims to make greater contributions to the development of education careers and a harmonious society.