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HUAT Is Funded Again for Its Student Oversea Summer Camp … 2017-04-20
Mr. Huang Yonghe, Chief Engineer of CATRC Visits HUAT 2017-04-17
Six HUAT Students Are Admitted by Six Different Top Unive… 2017-04-06
Professor Kun-Mean Hou from UBP Interviews Potential Tran… 2017-03-30
Mr. Liu Chuantie, Head of Hubei Provincial Department of … 2017-03-28
Mr. Jiang Wu Donated 3 Million Yuan to His Alma Mater 2017-03-27
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Winter Vacation 2017 Schedule 2017-01-12
Summer Vacation 2016 Schedule 2016-07-08
Summer Timetable will be Execut… 2016-04-29
Winter Vacation 2016 Schedule 2016-01-23

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