Automobile Service Engineering

This program is designed to cultivate senior engineering talents for automobile service who master the basic theory of automobile technology and automobile service,possess the knowledge of modern information technology and management, and the knowledge of related laws and regulations,have the comprehensive quality of " understanding technology,being good at business and services", are able to adapt to such fields as automotive technology services, trade services, financial services and other automotive services field work.

Chinese name:汽车服务工程专业
Fields of Study:Automobile Service、Automotive Marketing
English name:Automobile Service Engineering
Program Code:080308
Career Prospects:
The graduates will be able to be engaged in technology and management work of automobile sales and after-sales service departments, automobile circulation enterprises, automobile special repair service enterprises, automobile assessment department of insurance companies, automobile transportation, logistics enterprises and other enterprises or departments.
The students study the basic theoretical knowledge of automotive technology, automotive service and automotive marketing. They are trained in modern automotive diagnostics, inspection and maintenance technology, automotive marketing and other automotive services, and have basic ability to engage in automotive technical services and management.
Main courses:
Chinese, Chinese Culture, Fundamentals of Computer, Advanced Mathematics, College Physics, Mechanical Drawing, Engineering mechanics, Principle of Mechanics and Mechanical Design, Electric Technology and Electronic Technology, Materials for mechanical engineering, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology Foundation, Automobile Structure, Automobile Application Engineering,Detection and Diagnosis Technology of Automobile,Automobile Maintenance Technology, Vehicle Performance Evaluation, Automobile Marketing,Automobile Insurance and Claim, Automobile Service Management and so on.