A Brief Introduction of Chinese-French 

Bachelor Degree Programme in Computer Science




Name of the Program:

The Chinese-Foreign Bachelor Degree Programme in Computer Science (Automotive Intelligent And Information Technology) Between Hubei University of Automotive Technology (HUAT), P.R.C And Universit¨¦ de Technologie de Belfort-Montb¨¦liard (UTBM), France

Registration No. of the Ministry of Education: MOE42FR2A20161780N

Admission Conditions:

The program is incorporated into HUAT¡¯s enrollment plan for candidates who are qualified for applying for universities of second class

Valid period: 2017-2021

the Number of enrollment at most 120 students per year

Training Objectives

Intellectualization, informatization, interconnection and electrification are the development tendencies of future cars. In view of the technologies integration in ICT & auto industries and the enterprise and the social demands for the inter-disciplinaries talents, this specialty is designed to cultivate internationalized senior engineering and technical personnel who master the basic technical methods and means of information technologies in automotive design and services, having the good professional quality, the innovation consciousness and the international visions, being able to adapt to the demands of future auto industry.

Brief introduction to Universit¨¦ de Technologie de Belfort-Montb¨¦liard

UTBM is located in the northeast of France, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland, the birthplace of the PSA Peugeot Citroen, Its predecessor was Balfour National Engineer School which founded by government in 1964.

UTBM has 9 professional engineers, 8 master majors, 5 university-level undergraduate degrees, two national level research centers, its research areas involving materials, energy, transportation and automotive, computer and so on.

School-enterprise joint engineer training is the characteristic of UTBM. The school invited a number of automotive industry engineers and managers to participate in the related courses teaching, organized students to practice in Peugeot Citroen Automobile Group and the Industry enterprise;

In scientific research, the school institute and many enterprises in automotive industry have many joint research projects, and have achieved fruitful results in intelligent transportation, new energy, new materials, and other fields.

According to the needs of industries and enterprises, school exploring actively , rigorous in research, has the advanced teaching planning and management, leading research and development ability.UTBM is One of the three French engineer colleges in China Europe Engineering and Technology Institute which Co-organized by French Technical University Group and Shanghai University, this institution passed the Ministry of Education assessment in 2014, and has the successful experience of international cooperation in running schools and exchanges with Chinese universities.

Diploma and certificate

Students who study four years at HUAT and have completed the whole courses and meet the requirements of HUAT and UTBM will be awarded Graduation certificate and Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science by HUAT and Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science by UTBM.

Those who choose to proceed to study at UTBM after the Bachelor and complete the relative courses and meet the requirements will be awarded the French engineering degree i.e. Master degree by UTBM.

Teaching implementation

Teaching language£ºChinese teachers in both Chinese and English and foreign teachers in English at HUAT

The courses and professional core courses offered by UTBM account for more than 1/3 of all the courses and the core curriculum courses.

Those students who choose to proceed to study in France must to take part in the training of French language in HUAT.