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College of Materials Engineering

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College of Materials Engineering (CME) was established in 1981. Currently, CME has a large contingent of outstanding faculties, among which there are 7 professors, 18 associate professors and 15 staff members with doctor degrees. Its Materials of Science and Engineering subject has been authorized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (MOE) to enroll postgraduates and is honored to be the key subject of Hubei Province in 2012.

CME has 2 undergraduate majors (Material Science and Engineering, Material Shaping and Control Engineering ) and 1 postgraduate major (Metallic Material Engineering) with the enrolled students of over 1,200. The 2 undergraduate majors include 6 branches—Die Design and Manufacturing, Liquid Molding, Welding, Metallic Materials Engineering, Polymer Material molding, Material Surface Engineering.

Material Shaping and Control Engineering major owns many honorable titles such as National Specialty Major,Prominent Engineer Experimental Major,Outstanding Major in Hubei province and Strategic Talent Experimental Major in Hubei province, etc. CME now owns

one Experimental Center for Materials Science and Engineering and one Materials Processing Training Center, with the total area of 6497 square meters and equipment value over 12 million RMB (about 2 million U.S dollars). The relevant equipments include the following ones: Electron scanning microscope, Neophot-32 metallurgical microscope from Germany, X-ray diffraction, infrared, ultraviolet analyzer, electronically controlled universal testing machine, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum hardening furnace, high temperature crucible furnace, investment casting systems, differential thermal analyzer, laser welding machines, plasma spraying machines, injection molding machines, molding machines, etc. Advanced CAE software, such as PAM-STAMP、PROCAS, Mold flow, is also available and in practical use. All of these facilities provide a good foundation for students learning and scientific research.

Over the years, CME has formed its own characteristics by focusing on its research on areas like material shaping, material surface strengthening and metallic polymer materials, etc. Currently, there are 1 Provincial Research Innovation team, 1 Provincial excellent teachers’ team and 2 college level innovation teams.

In recent years, the staff members have undertaken over 60 projects and programs, including several national 863 projects, national scientific and technological projects and programs funded by National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Education, Government of Hubei Province and DFM, etc. What’s more, over 10 books, and 200 papers on different journals both at home and abroad, with over 70 ones being adopted by SCI and EI are being published in its development process. For all the time, the CME aims to develop talents who are rich both in knowledge and practical experiences. Since 1972, over 2,800 graduates have done great contributions to the auto industry and national economy.

The picture shows the prize the students got in the first “Yong Guan Cup”, a contest for casting technique design.