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As one of the largest academic research centers in Shiyan City, the library of HUAT is an indispensable part of the study, teaching, and research work there, offering a full spectrum of resources, from rare books and journals to a rapidly expanding network of digital materials, etc. Adhering to the principle of "Do everything for the readers, the faculties are actually trying hard to meet the increasing demands of readers, serving the readers in an active, modern and scientific way. Through the years, the total collection of publications reaches to over six hundred thousand volumes, together with abundant electronic resources. The total area covers about 16,000 square meters with more than 2,000 seats available. Its main branches include borrowing/ renewing counter, room for electronic reading and room for consultancy, etc. It opens from Monday to Sunday, which can provide services like borrowing, retrieve, inter-library borrowing, online document delivery, consultancy, training for the readers, etc.

In recent years, the modernization, digitalization process and access to the internet has undertaken a big step. In 2002, all the management has been automated due to the complete of local network within the library, which greatly strengthened and promoted the network and digital collection of information resources and literature resources here. By the end of December 31st, 2011, all the critical digital resources, such as CNIKI (China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database), CDL (China Digital Library), EBSCO, SPRINGER, etc are available online. Over 7,400 kinds of foreign journals and over 42,000 articles can be retrieved in this data base. The readers can download academic papers, including those published on journals, scientific reports, conference papers, samples, patents, etc and books from the 300 sets of servers, computer terminals, various kinds of displays, etc or they can borrow tablet PCs from the library to surf. With the help of WI-FI signal, its convenient to get linked to the website and acquire the information you need. Whether you are on campus or connecting with it from a distance, the library will become your new home and information center. Come and take advantage of this great facility!

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