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    a validation panel with Ms. Gill Waugh as Chairman arrived at HUAT on 29. Nov. and started review on the joint program all members of study visit to UoB-Summer 2016
HUAT students in the class of Summer University in July 2016-Freiburg HUAT students joinning Summer University in July 2016-Freiburg in class of Study Visit to The University of BoltonCSummer 2016 Oct. 13, 2016, Martin from UoB meet the HUAT Students
Oct. 14, 2016 Martin from UoB visiting DF Commercial Vehicle-9 Study on Campus at UoB Study on the Race Track at UoB Study Visit to The University of BoltonCSummer 2016
the graduation ceremony of Study Visit to UoBCSummer 2016 the members of the validation panel had respective interviews with members of management the members of the validation panel visited the racing car team Visiting the Car-racing Lab at UoB
Students at 2016 Christmasmarkt in Germany with Prof. Dr. Watty   4th International Conference on Powder Metallurgy in Asia-Taiwan Investigation on psychological education in American Universities conducted by Hubei Provincial Department of Education Participant from Mainlan China at Taoyuan Airport
Photo of advanced study and training class Prof. Schrade from HS Ulm with the students in Programm Professor Kun-Mean Hou from UBP Interviews Potential Transfer Students to France Signing Agreement with Kettering University
TMS2017 146th Annual Meeting & Exhibition in the USA Visiting University of San Diego    

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