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A Notice about Display of Poems, Calligraphy and Paintings by Mr Shen Fang


On December 1st, 2014 when HUAT celebrated its 42nd founding anniversary, a series of cultural activities and displays were held on campus to enrich the cultural life of the staff and students by inviting some well-known artists to display their works of art on campus so as to strengthen the construction of campus culture, carry forward both the essence of traditional culture of China and enrich the connotation of campus culture, edify art sentiment of the staff and students and improve their taste of art. Among the artists was Mr. Shen Fang, a retired teacher of HUAT by Chinese pseudonym Xingzui, which means show full concern for the practical life and pursuit dreams.


Mr. Shen is a talented artist and good at multiple fonts, poetry, paintings and Chinese couplets, all of which are blended in harmonious integration. So in his works we can see poems in the paintings and paintings in the poems with distinctive features of times, pastoral interests, evidence of simple and ancient style, strong interested in ink etc. you wont miss it whether you are interested in calligraphy, poetry, Chinese or paintings. 


Display time: December 1, 2014 to 15


Venue: at the exhibition hall of the first floor in Yifu library

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