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 Science Popularization Campaigns “2025-Made in China-the Road to a Modernized Power”Is Held at HUAT


Advocated by Provincial Association of Science and Technology, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Department of Education, and organized by Hubei Mechanical Engineering Society, Shiyan Association of Science and Technology and Hubei University of Automotive Technology, one of science popularization campaigns “2015-Made in China- the Road to a modernized power” was held at HUAT on September 19th. Mr. Zhong Yuning, president of HUAT made a report entitled 2025-made in China and the development and prospects of automotive industry.


With plenty of pictures, cartoons and cases, Mr. Zhong Yuning made a detailed report on made in China from six aspects such as why to propose it, its contents, the development and prospects and automotive industry etc. Mr. Zhong pointed out that the automotive industry is an important force to promote a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, an important support for building a powerful manufacturing country, and an important pillar of the national economy. He introduced in detail the new characteristics, new trends and new development of the automotive industry from one goal, two upgrades, three changes and five major trends. Mr. Zhong called on students to "set out immediately" in order to realize the goal of transforming the motherland from a big manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. He also called on students to lay a solid foundation in basic theories and actively take part in innovation practice so as to get well prepared for becoming the backbone of future made in China.


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