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 Mr. Zhong Yuning Is Invited to Attend the Opening Ceremony of Technology Innovation Week of DFM


The 3rd Technology Innovation Week of DFM (Dongfeng Motor Corporation) commenced on the morning of September 17. President Zhong Yuning was invited to attend it and joined in series of achievement show activities.


"Science and Technology Innovation Week" is a technology brand activity that the technology center of DFM strives to create, and is also one of the carriers of Dongfeng's scientific and technological innovation strength demonstration. It aims to build "three platforms" (achievement display platform, technology release platform, Innovation exchange platform), stimulate the enthusiasm of innovation, and promote Industry interaction within the corporation. The event was held for the first time in 2016. The theme of this week is "Science and Technology Innovation fuel the Future". It focuses on the scientific and technological achievements and related technological routes of DFM in the fields of "Intelligence, Electricity, Lightweight, Networking and Sharing". 

On the afternoon of 17th, at the invitation of Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Company Limited, Zhong Yuning went to Dongfeng New Energy Industry base to have an in-depth discussion with Mr. Yang Shouwu, Vice-General Manager of the company, and Mr. Chen Yinzhu, Director of the Engineering Center. The two sides carried out in-depth exchanges and Research on project research and development cooperation, resource sharing, graduate training and joint platform application. After the meeting, Zhong Yuning, accompanied by Yang Shouwu, visited the R&D and production base of Dongfeng New Energy Industry Base. Mr. Zhou Haiying, dean of the school of automotive engineers, accompanied by some teachers, also participated in the above activities.


It is reported that Zhida, an unmanned logistics vehicle developed by a research group of HUAT was also invited to have a display in the event. It is a joint project of HUAT with Dongfeng Technology Center and Dongfeng Electric Car Company based on 5G smart driving project attracted wide attention. Mr. Zhu Yanfeng, chairman of DMF, Mr. Li Shaozhu, general manager of DFM and other leaders of DFM also came to the platform of Zhida and made affirmative comments on the project after hearing the introduction.


Since the project was officially launched in the second half of 2017, the team members have worked overtime to overcome difficulties. It took more than a year and achieved breakthrough results. As a forward-looking research direction of the future automobile development, the research on the key technology of the network-connected automatic driving has far-reaching significance for our school to carry out in-depth research on automobile-related science. The successful development and invitation of Zhida to the exhibition also marks the further promotion and recognition of the scientific research ability in smart driving.


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