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Two Projects of "World Famous Scientists in Hubei" Get Approved


Recently, the Provincial Education Department issued " A Notice on the Approval of World Famous Scientists in Hubei", in which two projects presented by HUAT got approved.


One of the project presented by the college of material sciences and engineering invites Mr. Luyi Sun, professor of University of Connecticut to give a lecture on Multi-functional nano materials, polymer composite materials, green chemistry and engineering. Another one presented by the college of mechanical engineering invites Mr. Kesheng Wang, professor of University of Technology, Norway, also academician of Norwaigian Science Academy, to give a lecture on Robots, Manufacturing System Theory and Intelligent Manufacturing System. 


Project application starts from April to June every year. Preparation works center around inviting Nobel Prize winners, foreign academicians and scientists with international reputations to give lectures for the need of construction of first-class universities and disciplines. Once approved, one project will be funded thirty to hundred thousand Yuan by Provincial Education Department. 

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