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 "Team of Dream" Returns with 3 First Prizes in the Contest of National Smart Cars!


On August 23rd to 26th, the Finals of the 12th National University "NXP" Smart Car Competition was held in Changshu Institute of Technology. 365 Teams from more than 350 universities around the country participated in the competition. Three teams from HUAT won the first prize in its own group respectively, which is also a historical breakthrough. The most spectacular event occurred when the wonderful performance HUAT car overtook other cars intelligently on the racing track and all the audience applauded for the sight in great spirits.    

As a platform for smart car racing with multi-disciplines, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the competition is meant to be an activity to motivate students’ ability of engineering exploration, promote the quality of higher education and foster their comprehensive ability of knowledge application, engineering practice and consciousness of innovation. It is one of the big 10 events of college students’ science and technology contests.   

Because of different principles, the competition is divided into 6 groups such as photoelectric vertical, photoelectric four wheels, electromagnetic, electromagnetic energy saving, photoelectric chasing, electromagnetic chasing. The three teams participated in all racing groups with their excellently designed cars after a long time of effort in mechanical design, circuit development and programming under the guidance of their teachers from College of Automotive Engineering.


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