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 Sensational News from 16th MOS World Championship in USA


From July 30th to August 2nd (Los Angeles time) in 2017, the 16th MOS World Series (Microsoft Office) championship finals was held in Los Angeles. Accompanied by his couch Mr. Li Fahai, Mr. Dai Jiaxi, a student from school of electrical and information of HUAT attended the finals in the group of Excel 2013 other competitors from 55 countries and regions and won the champion with a prize of $7,000.


The MOS world series is a global competition sponsored and held annually by the Certiport and Microsoft. It is known as OFFICE's Olympic competition, which aims to promote global students' OFFICE professional ability in information and represents the trend of global education in informatization and professionalism.


Mr.Li Fahai, the couch said that it is substantially beneficial and meaningful to promote educational levels in computer teaching of HUAT by participating in this kind of high-level competition and communicating with participants from other countries and regions. The champion, Mr. Dai Jiaxi said the competition enabled him to know more about Office software and learned a lot of valuable experience and skills from other participants.


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