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 DFMPCG & Meng Shaonong Scholarship Is Set up in Memory of Mr. Meng Shaonong


In order to commemorate Mr. Meng Shaonong, the first president of HUAT, a scholarship called Dongfeng Motor Parts and Components Group (DFMPCG) & Meng Shaonong, funded by Dongfeng Welfare Fund, was set up by DFMPCG. In five years, the Fund will offer 1 million Yuan, 200 thousand Yuan each year to encourage and help those students who are either outstanding in their academic performances and personalities or financially poor. The first awarding ceremony was held on June 19th, at which 80 students were awarded with the scholarship as well as certificates of honor. 

HUAT has a long history of cooperation with Dongfeng Motor Parts and Components Group. They share common ideas and have had significant achievements in the field of top communication and visit exchange, joint training, research center, academician working station, graduate working station, research cooperation, technical problem solving, exchange of engineers and teachers, employment of graduates, adult education and scholarships.



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